Why Ready-Mix Concrete Is The Way To Go


If your construction project needs concrete, you can choose to either mix it yourself on-site or find a reliable ready-mix concrete supplier. While some might argue that ready-mix concrete is more expensive than mixing on site, the truth is that the hidden costs of mixing concrete on-site far outweigh the cost of ordering ready mix.

A badly mixed batch can jeopardize the whole project. What’s more, the equipment, space and skills needed for proper mixing on-site can be very expensive.

Ready-mix concrete has numerous significant advantages over site mixed concrete.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why ready-mix concrete might be the right choice for your project.


Ready-mix concrete saves time. As the name implies, the ingredients are already mixed according to the required strength for your project. It is delivered to the site ready to go. No time needs to be wasted on measuring out ingredients and mixing before pouring. Time on construction sites is expensive, so any time saved is highly beneficial to the project’s overall cost.


Ready-mix concrete is far more consistent than site-mixed concrete owing. Variables such as the water-cement ratio, compressive strength, slump, workability and ingredient proportions are better-controlled ordering ready-mix concrete. This leads to a far more sound and safely constructed finished product. Getting the consistency wrong could be catastrophic as it could result in structural failures.


When you order ready-mix concrete from a reliable supplier, it is delivered ready to be poured. No weigh batch mixers are required onsite as the concrete will be manufactured at the supplier’s batch plant. More equipment on site means more safety hazards, not to mention higher operational costs.

Storage And Distribution

Mixing concrete on site means you need to have on-site storage space for aggregates and cement. Moreover, the distribution of concrete to various points on site becomes tricky since you don’t want to risk contaminating the mix. Ready-mix concrete negates the need for onsite storage altogether since it is mixed at the supplier. Moreover, it can be delivered for pouring to various points on site with ease.

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