Why Gravity Wall Blocks Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


Relying on their own weight to remain in place, gravity wall blocks have become a very popular construction and design choice for many Canadian building companies. This design is a unique variant of a retaining wall and has quickly become popular in both residential and agricultural building projects. Follow along as we look at the benefits of using this design in future builds and highlight just how much potential they have in enhancing a piece of land.

Benefits Of Using A Gravity Wall Block

A gravity wall block is extremely economical to build and maintain. Its low price and adaptable design make it a popular choice in the building industry. Gravity wall blocks can be manufactured using masonry, concrete or stone and are extremely durable.

This design lessens the risk of flooding by blocking streams of water from certain areas, thus stopping water from pooling and damaging one's land or property. Furthermore, gravity wall blocks help prevent soil erosion if your property is positioned at the top or bottom of a hill.

When using a gravity wall block, you have the opportunity to section off areas of land, which can then allow for better use of space and flow of movement. Undoubtedly one of the most favourable features of these designs is that they are easy to install. They can be built in tight spaces and are therefore ideal building options for residential areas as well as their open, countryside counterparts.

Gravity wall blocks not only functionally enhance a space but can also help add beauty to an area. Walls can be custom built to ensure aesthetic design by detailing columns or open spaces to plant your favourite flora.

Looking To Install A Gravity Block Wall? Here Are Our Top 3 Tips!

1. Choose your location carefully by considering property lines and stormwater management.

2. Ensure that the soil where the wall will be erected is firm enough to support the weight of the build.

3. Consult a trusted building team who will be able to advise on correct placement, material and design.

We provide trusted advice, quality service and customized design options. For more information on how to install your very own gravity block wall, get in touch with the Independent Concrete Ltd team today! We’re here to assist every step of the way and look forward to bringing your building dreams to life.