What’s The Lowdown On Coloured Concrete?


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Concrete is one of the world’s most useful materials. Depending on the mix of fine and coarse aggregates involved in the mix, concrete can be adapted for a highly diverse range of uses.

One of the only downsides to regular concrete is its bland grey colour. Numerous options are available for remedying this problem.

Colour Dusting

Colour dusting is a method by which a colour hardener is applied to the surface of uncoloured concrete while it is still wet. This produces a hard and resistant finish in a wide array of vibrant colours. However, the colour dusting material can be tricky to apply correctly and is known to be quite messy. Moreover, any chips and cracks on the coloured surface will reveal the uncoloured concrete underneath.


Staining in a popular method since it can be done on any concrete surface - whether freshly poured or long since set. Typically concrete stain colours are restricted to earthy colour shades, such as tans, terra cottas and browns. Because stains are, by their nature, sem-transparent, they won’t hide preexisting blemishes very well. However, they are highly UV resistant and less likely to fade under the sun. Moreover, stains are fairly cheap and easy to apply.


Dyed concrete can produce the most vibrant colours of all. The advantage of this method over applying a colour hardener on the surface is that it colours the concrete all the way through. Therefore any chips and cracks in the concrete will remain coloured. One of the disadvantages of this method, however, is that it is susceptible to fading in the sun.

Integrated Colour

Generally considered the preferred method of colouring concrete, the integrated colouring method involves mixing a pigment in with the concrete mix before pouring. This method cannot be used to colour concrete that has already set.

Integrating pigment into the mix before pouring produces UV-resistant and permanently coloured concrete right the way through. It will not fade, nor can it be chipped away. Primarily earthy tones are achievable with this method, although a wider range of colours can be achieved than with mere stains.

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