What Cement Blocks Can Do For Your Project!


Cement wall blocks for any project in Victoria, British Columbia, offer a variety of advantages, making them the ideal material across many environments and applications. They can be be used in construction to build homes, retaining walls, driveway and walkway paving, and so much more. Cement wall blocks are an essential material in low-cost housing construction projects because manufacturing them is cheaper than other construction alternatives such as clay bricks or stone. They are also stronger than ordinary bricks because of how the key ingredients in its manufacturing – crushed stone. The below should explain why cement wall blocks & gravity wall blocks are reliable and are highly durable and low maintenance.

• Cement gets stronger over time and will not be weakened by environmental factors, including moisture, pests and mould. Wall blocks are also durable against fire and can limit its ability to spread. It does not succumb to flames like a wooden structure. A building constructed from cement blocks is perfect in regions where tropical storms, hurricanes and high winds are frequent. The blocks are strong enough to face the extreme weather conditions and will not be easily toppled over, including wind speeds of up to 200 miles.

Whether you are constructing office buildings or a block of apartments, they must be robust, durable and require little maintenance. For all your commercial and residential concrete requirements, Independent Concrete Ltd will care for them. We have the experience to handle any concrete project. From cement wall blocks and general concrete, browse through our website and see what else we can offer you or call one of our consultants today!