Speed Up Your Construction Process With Concrete Lock Blocks And Concrete Saddles


The construction industry, like many others, is continuously advancing, and new technology, improved techniques, and further optimised construction materials, create the opportunity to take building to a whole new level.

Some of the latest innovations that have entered the construction world on a commercial level is that of concrete lock blocks and concrete saddles. Thanks to a more modular, click-in system offered by lock block technology, the need to ensure proper alignment of building bricks and cementing between them when building walls have been virtually eliminated. Here are a few reasons why using this new type of building block will have you converted and never looking back to more traditional options again.

Cost Effective

Because of the interlocking design of concrete lock blocks, you won’t need to apply layers of cement between them to secure them in place as you would do with traditional bricks. This allows for what is called dry stacking construction: very much like you would do with Lego, you simply stack them onto each other to form a solid unit. Cutting out the cost of additional cement is already a win in terms of budgeting, but the blocks themselves are also surprisingly affordable.

Faster Construction

As we mentioned above, it’s like building with Lego. No need to worry about misalignment or a wall that ends up skew, as you’ll only need to place one on top of the other and slot them into place – alignment can be easily assessed with the naked eye. There’s also no need to mix, apply, and wait for the cement to dry between layers, which means you’ll significantly speed up your construction process. Another added plus, and one that often plagues construction projects, is that rainy weather won’t bring the whole process to a halt. The concrete lock blocks are ready to use and stack together, with no need to worry about a downpour causing a meltdown of your wall or construction job.

If you’re interested in making use of concrete lock blocks and concrete saddles for your next building project, contact us and discuss your needs – we supply premium quality concrete materials and are always happy to assist.