Using Gravity Wall Blocks To Optimise Development Projects


Thanks to advances in engineering and significant improvements in construction materials, the possibilities of construction developments have far surpassed the limitations previously caused by any immediate obstacles that may be encountered. Suppose you’re looking at developing and making maximum use of available land. In that case, you may encounter situations where the development plot isn’t level, and a hill or other landmass obstructs part of the zone. Retaining walls are typically the go-to solution in this case. However, not all retaining walls are equal. There are four main types of retaining walls. They are all built to resist the soil and landscape’s continuous pressure: the higher the landmass’s pressure, the stronger your retaining wall’s structure needs to be. The most structurally sound and resistant of these retaining walls are ones built with gravity wall blocks. By definition, a gravity retaining wall is one that is so heavy in its own mass that it can remain firmly in place and completely withstand the extreme pressure exerted upon it by large masses of soil. Here are a few benefits of opting for gravity wall blocks for your next project.

Extremely Durable

Thanks to the composition of these blocks, they are able to withstand extreme temperature changes without degrading at all. A gravity wall will last for decades. Virtually No Maintenance Once gravity wall blocks are set in place, there won’t be a need to allocate resources to maintaining them over the years. With proper installation, these walls will be a once-off expense at the onset of development.

Installation Is Easy And Quick

Gravity wall blocks are pre-cast and ready for use and feature a patented design with grooves and lips that slot into each other. This eliminates the need for pins, mortar, extra materials and additional labourers when erecting them. They can be lifted and slotted into place with standard construction machinery, and the entire process is very simple and straightforward, which eliminates the chances of misalignment or skew walls.

Small Spaces Aren’t A Problem

Even in situations where there are tight spots and limited space to manoeuvre, these blocks can be easily positioned in place to complete that section quickly. Thanks to gravity wall block solutions, construction has become a more efficient, affordable process, and durability is extremely high. If you would like more information about this solution or would like a quote for your upcoming construction project, feel free to contact us for professional advice and market-competitive rates.