Safe Handling Of Concrete Lock Blocks


A concrete lock block is a highly viable option for building both temporary and permanent structures. These precast concrete blocks feature an interlocking design that allows structures to be built in a manner not too dissimilar from building with Lego blocks.

They are extremely useful for rapid construction. Moreover, concrete lock blocks result in strong structures and are a relatively cost-effective option. Moreover, their interlocking design enables them to be repositioned into alternative shapes and structures if needed.

These interlocking blocks are commonly used for bulk materials storage solutions, retaining walls, separation walls and more.

The Risk

Concrete lock blocks are usually large and heavy – too large and heavy to be lifted and positioned by hand. The blocks typically feature a steel eye for lifting and positioning by means of a crane.

These steel eyes are made in various ways, depending on the lock block manufacturer. They can be made from a steel wire or cable embedded into the block, or they can be made out of rebar, or otherwise, they are made from a steel bracket bolted into the block.

No matter the manufacturing method, these eyes remain a weak point in concrete lock blocks and can pose considerable danger on a construction site if proper care is not taken when handling the blocks.

If the lifting eye breaks midway through a lift, it can fall on workers or equipment and cause severe harm. Moreover, the sudden drop can cause the crane to lose balance and topple over, causing even further damage to personnel, equipment and other property.

Mitigating The Risk

It is therefore important to ensure that safe lifting practices are in place before installing concrete lock blocks. A safe lifting plan should be conceived in advance to minimize risk while also adhering to industry best practices and lifting safety regulations.

This includes educating all personnel on site of the dangers involved and planning accordingly to minimize risk.

It is particularly important to ensure that crane operators are well trained for the task and all other workers directly associated with positioning the blocks, which should be positioned in such a way as to ensure their safety, should an eye failure occur.

Importantly, you should make sure that you purchase the best quality concrete lock blocks to minimize the risk of eye failure. The safety of your workers, your equipment and your site, in general, is worth the effort.

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