Why Gravity Wall Blocks Are A Great Choice


Building retaining walls out of gravity wall blocks is a fantastic idea for several reasons. A gravity wall block is a precast concrete block that is typically quite large and heavy. It is designed to be stacked to create a stable wall that can resist a significant amount of pressure without the need for mortar.

​The weight of the blocks themselves, combined with friction between them, holds the wall in place and negates the need for any kind of adhesive or mortar to keep the wall in one piece. This makes gravity wall blocks easy to install and fairly cost-effective compared to other retaining wall options out there. The interlocking features on gravity wall blocks make them easy to stack and ensure that the wall remains stable.

Here are some good reasons why you might want to consider using gravity wall blocks in your next retaining project:

They Are Durable

Since gravity wall blocks are made from durable concrete, they can withstand freeze and thaw cycles without taking much strain. This makes them less likely to crack and deteriorate over time, making them a fantastic option for long-term projects.

They Are Cost Effective

Due to their cost-effectiveness, gravity wall blocks are a pretty affordable option when building retaining walls. The cost of labour and other materials can drive the price of the wall up. Since gravity wall blocks are so easy to install and require no mortar, the labour required to install them is minimal. This makes them an attractive choice for both residential and commercial projects.

They Are Easy To Install

Since gravity wall blocks do not require mortar, they don't require any specialised tools or equipment to be installed either. They can simply be stacked using a basic locking system. Not unlike Lego, this locks them into place, making their installation really straightforward and quick. Retaining walls can thus be constructed quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

They Are Versatile

There is a wide range of sizes of gravity wall blocks depending on the type of wall that you need to build. Like any other type of brick, gravity wall blocks can be plastered over to create various wall design styles, complementing whatever landscape or building design is needed.

Moreover, gravity wall blocks are a great option for building retaining walls in confined spaces. Since they don't require special equipment or materials, they can simply be dropped and stepped to create a secure, strong, and long-lasting wall..

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