Optimise Your Build With A Local Supplier


When choosing suppliers for your construction project, several factors may influence your hiring decisions. The cost will always be the most important consideration, followed by product quality, reputability and customer service. And you may find yourself comparing concrete suppliers in a similar manner to find the best value for money for your building goals. From concrete saddles, pillars and wall blocks, it’s essential you find the right fit for your project, and that includes finding the supplier that exceeds your expectations.

When entering the hiring process for suppliers, remember you need to find suppliers who can add value to their product or service offering. Here are several advantages of enlisting a local supplier for your next construction project.

Faster Turn-Around Times

A supplier who is close by is likely to deliver your concrete order much more quickly than those further away. There is the added benefit of meeting your project deadlines because of quick delivery times and that can help you stay on track as well as reduce unexpected costs from rising delays.

Increased Communication Efficiency

Due to how near a supplier is to your building site, you can ensure that there are no miscommunication issues. You can easily visit the supplier to clarify orders, but your supplier can also ensure your order is appropriate for your build by verifying measurements in person.

Decreased Budgetary Constraints

Because your local supplier can deliver much more easily to you, as a result of how close you are, you can stay on budget. Suppliers who are further away are likely to increase their prices to compensate for delivery costs on their side, affecting your expected spend.

Positive Sustainable Impact

Another benefit that customers often overlook is how their hiring decision impacts sustainability efforts and quotas. If a supplier is further away, you are increasing your carbon footprint due to lengthened deliveries. In contrast, a local supplier cuts down on your environmental impact because of their location and delivery methods.

Independent Concrete - Your Go-To Local Concrete Supplier

We always encourage potential customers to go local because we believe these are significant advantages you can benefit from. The Independent Concrete team can assist with concrete saddles, wall blocks, ready-mix concrete and more high-quality concrete products ready to add structure to your project. We offer competitive pricing, superior concrete and exceptional customer service. For all your concrete requirements in the Greater Victoria and surrounding area, contact us at Independent Concrete Ltd today.