Ready Mix Concrete - What It Is And How It Works


Ready mix concrete has become a popular choice for many construction projects with many construction companies opting to purchase ready mix concrete solutions as opposed to making their own onsite. Ready Mix concrete is a premixed concrete powder that can be used to make concrete for building purposes. There are various design formulations for different grades of concrete. The grade of concrete you need should be specified by the structural consultant. This process allows for various specialty concrete mixes to be developed and implemented on your construction site.

How Ready Mix Concrete Is Made

Produced in Batch Plants, precise measurements of gravel, water, sand and cement are combined together by weight, resulting in varying grades and types of ready-to-use concrete powder. Once the mixture has been successfully combined and mixed, all you need to do is add water to the mixture and you will have the concrete you need to aid in all of your construction needs. Yes, it is that easy. Why waste time on trying to make your own from scratch?

How Do You Use Ready Mix Concrete?

The allure of ready mix concrete is the ease of its application. In a few simple and easily executed steps, you can have the perfect amount of high-quality concrete you need for any job required on your construction site. Simply adding clean, consumable water to the premade mixture in a wheelbarrow or on a moistened surface, combining the paste with sand and stone while you mix thoroughly will produce an even concrete mixture. Slowly adding small amounts of water as you mix will assist in achieving the best mixture consistency but be aware that it is advisable not to rework the concrete once the mixture has set by adding water to it. Easy to apply and a reliable time saver to many different development projects, ready mix concrete offers up many advantages to the construction industry. With over two decades of experience in producing products with integrity and with quality as our main focal point, Independent Concrete Ltd is a business you can trust to assist you with all of your concrete and concrete saddles needs. Contact us today for your ready mix concrete!